Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Changing The World, Together

There are so many organizations and non-profits that have a desire to improve the world. I have deep admiration for those groups. Whether it is the current deplorable situations in Burma or Darfur, or issues of world hunger or Global Warming, many people are finding ways to create change. One of the challenges I often see amongst these groups is the duplication of efforts. If these passionate groups could find ways to communicate and collaborate with each other, we could combine resources, save time, and accomplish a great deal more. Besides, there is power in numbers. The internet is flush with stories that exemplify that power of mass and its ability to create a viral effect. We should be looking at these new models of success for guidance.

You might have heard of the organization "Laptop for Every Child"....

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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Women's Radio News... radio interview!

Check out the Women's Radio News radio interview conducted by Pat Lynch (editor of 'Speak Up') with Michealene C. Risley!

Topics include distributing Flashcards to the members of the Girl Child Network, arrest of the crew in Zimbabwe, help from a volunteer who knew of the crew through Facebook, the current situation in Africa and the efforts to tell the story of TAPESTRIES OF HOPE.