Wednesday, August 1, 2007

MISS YOU LITTLE GIRL FROM ALL OF US LITTLE GIRLS - poem by Betty Makoni in memory of Isabel Makusha

There are so many deaths
So many murders round the world
There are so many robbers, rapists around us
So, so many kidnappers, hooligans, murderers all around us
Never have I seen kidnapper, robber, murderer, rapist in one
Such brutal brutality, cruel cruelty
Our dedication to you little girls, we little girls miss you
Isabel you endured murder, rape, suffocation

Know you all the strongest women round the world
None endured thus like little Isabel
What strong a woman, what real role model
What great inspiration, admiration we have
Who so strong a woman withstands being murdered, raped
Who so strong a woman endures so much pain
Who amongst us has felt rape, murder just all brutality?
You had it all and so strong you endured it all
Miss you little Isabella for you are courage itself

Come, yee girls, a new era is born
War against rapists rages on
We are rolling, the spirit lingers on
We are twisted by the arm, we will resist
We are alert, fearless
We are confident, more empowered
This societal evil soon thing of the past

Finally our letter to you little angel of courage
“Dear Isabel
We know you safely rested having endured pain and trauma
You the girl of such great strength and power
You launched a girls’ campaign through death
Your picture right in our Empowerment Village, Rusape
Who said you are dead and gone
You here to inspire us, battle against rapists
We will never tire, keep us no peace with rapists

Next time we meet the battle will be over
What a bye bye from all little girls
Who read, heard and played with you
What a bye bye, from us all little girls so shaken by grief
He killed innocence and ignited guilt
By that live he no more and mark our words
Goodbye little angel, you fly high
Bye bye forever, we know we awakened
Never the same ever will happen to us all
Our love and care and miss you
From all of us little girls who miss and love you

Miss you little girl, from all of us little girls

(This poem was written by Betty Makoni – Director of Girl Child Network in memory of Isabel Makusha who was brutally murdered)


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